About Wardens of Eversong

The Wardens of Eversong is a defensive order that was founded shortly after the Third War. The Wardens voewed to dedicate their time to training to better themselves, patrolling and ridding Alliance from their lands, protecting Eversong Woods and Silvermoon City, and ultimately helping rebuild their lands to what they once were. 

Stationed in Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods, the Wardens also manage the local inn there under the name of the Eventide Accord. The Wardens use this inn as their base of operations and lounge when relaxing.

(( OOC:  The <Wardens of Eversong> is a RP/PvP Sin'dorei exclusive order on the Emerald Dream-US server.  Due to human nature, WoE is an 18+ guild. 

Interested in joining? Please see the Apply to Guild button.  All recruits must fill out a short OOC application and then go through an in-game IC interview.  )) 

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